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Jul 8, 2013 6:00pm EDT
francisco airport. >> let's start on the west coast where the ntsb has confirmed a significant part of that tail section was found in the water off the runway. the pilot had apparently landed in san francisco nearly 30 times but this was the third time he landed that particular model of plane. if you would like to get an idea of what it is like to land in san francisco, all you have to do is land at reagan national. take a look at this youtube video. that is the approach to reagan national on the left and san francisco on the right. you can see the similarities. >> very similar. your coming in over water and coming in over a bridge. >> the pilot has flown into both airports and says the water approach does not make it more difficult. in fact, the approach at reagan from the north is much more challenging. aircraft, the big thing you want to do is be stable in that approach. over sensors to maintain the proper direction, altitude and airspeed. we willue points read never forget september 11. that's the stoop position the plane, but the plane in san francisco was traveling well below its
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1